• Hello.

    We are the Good Factory.

    We make bright ideas come to life.

  • Missions and visions?

    Let’s make the difference! Together.

    We are a green company that wants to help promote and create an environmentally sustainable and fairer world. Our philosophy is based on bright ideas coming into life through our circular eco system (CES).

    We have solutions in the following socioeconomic sectors:

    • – Energy
    • – Food
    • – People / Communities
    • – Commodities
    • – The Environmental wellbeing of our planet

Because our planet needs us

We bring bright, green ideas to life. For the good of the planet.

We help the transition to a circular economy by thinking different and bring those bright ideas to life.

By teaming up with the right people, organizations or companies that also want to change the world for the next generation, we can be the game changer our planet needs. Every company we team up with, fits in our circular system.


Our first steps of change: be circular

All our ideas have to fit in our circular chain. This naturally also applies to the optimization of the carbon cycle, in which we will implement regional development paths in rural regions, particularly in the areas of ecological agriculture and forestry, renewable base load energy, the bio-economy and climate change. Our grassroots approach has the highest priority and helps us to optimize the different ecological, socio-cultural and economic conditions on site. 

We had to start somewhere..

These are our projects:


Holy Cow! We think we can reduce the global green house emissions with 14.5 %!

In the context of the current orientation of European and global climate policy, the cattle and dairy farming sector in particular is increasingly being put to the test.

The background to this is the alarming information on the basis of which the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC), the EU, national governments and various NGOs are calling for a radical restructuring of agriculture and a significant reduction in beef and milk consumption in the diet.


Doing good for the planet? Think money!

Firstly, we have to ask: why is the world where it is now?

In essence, the biggest problem we have on our planet and as human beings is money and the pursuit thereof.

Money is the real, underlying problem for the environment. Why? Because all environmentally positive projects cost money to implement. And plundering our planets finite resources generates money.

For instance, every transition to more CO2 efficient fuel use costs money, whilst in contrast, selling oil is very lucrative.

That’s why we’re here. Because here lies the solution to many environmentally positive business goals.

We start by adding value behind our new block chain technology. True value (covered by real assets like gold reserves) and the possibility to invest in our projects and therefor our planet.

  • Energy, clean and clear!

    We a constantly busy with our clean energy projects. We already own several mines who have  all the ammonites to team up with battery producers. But we also investigate alternative energy sources that are mobile and can help in area’s that area in need of energy.


For the love of plants. It’s a medicine!

What if medicines are all around us? Just secretly hidden in plants?

We are investigate the possibilities of using plant based free medicines to fight Malaria and Dengue. And the Good news is… it’s all for free! Well, let phrase that differently, it costs a lot of effort and devotion to grow plants, get to know how to use them as medicine and share knowledge around the community of course.


Respect nature? respect the soil!

Isn’t it the beginning for everything?

Good Soil. The beginning of a good circulair eco system. We are experts in this field. We create millions of CO2 certificates with the production of Good Soil in Columbia.


People and local communities: we work together!

Together we can build the new future.

By working together with local communities, we have no problems with resistance. We make sure everyone will profit from our ideas! Even you, the one who’s reading this now! Let’s get in contact and see what we can do together.

Meanwhile we are building schools for the next generation!

  • Rain forest, we got you covered.

    Protecting one million hectare of rainforest of the earths lungs

    We are already protecting one million hectare of rainforest, now that is a lot! This is one of the valuables assets we can protect. And we will! Together with the communities. And you know what? With your help. maybe we can add some more hectares to it! We got a plan for CO2 emission. Let’s make the planet and the people profit from us.

Let’s keep in touch.

We can keep you informed if you wish, and you can also drop us a line.